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The Sá Rosa®
Gourmet Blend

The Sá Rosa® Gourmet Blend is the result of 25 years in family tradition. A love affair followed by a meticulous selection and combination of only the best coffee beans grown in Brazil.

Crafted for the Specialty Coffee market, this blend represents the ultimate handmade Brazilian coffee, given its superior quality standards and a lifetime of dedication and passion.

  • It is a privilege for Aroma Baristas to use the Sá Rosa® coffee in our events. Our clients love it!


Ethical Sourcing

By liaising directly with farmers, we have built an exclusive supply chain of only the best specialty coffee beans from the Cerrado Mineiro, Alta Mogiana and Sul de Minas regions, in Brazil.

The 100% Arabica beans are grown in altitudes that range from 800 to 1250 meters and are shipped from the Sá Rosa® HQ located in the city of Poços de Caldas, in the state of Minas Gerais. The town is surrounded by rich soiled hills known for their optimum coffee growing conditions.

The Craft of Roasting

This is one of the most critical and essential steps in producing great specialty coffee.

The roasting process is responsible for developing and bringing out the full flavour and aroma of the coffee bean. 

In this process, every split-second is decisive. That’s why at Aroma Baristas, we do our roasting in Littlehampton, UK so we can have freshly roasted coffee for every event. Our Probat® roaster offers time and temperature controls far more sensitive than large roasters, resulting in a superior quality level. 

The Blending Process

Blending is a technique that ensures we can obtain balance in the equation for the perfect cup of espresso. After selecting the best coffee beans from Brazil and roasting them to perfection in the UK, it’s time to perform magic.

Each single origin coffee has it’s own set of characteristics. Although they do stand alone quite well, when combined they complement each other and produce outstanding results. That’s how we achieve the superior flavor, aroma and aftertaste 
of our exclusive Sá Rosa® Gourmet Blend.


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Great Tips

for better coffee

  • Make sure your equipment is clean;
  • Always store your coffee in a dry place, away from any light or heat sources;
  • Once opened, keep the coffee in its own packaging, sealed in a hermetic container;
  • When extracting your coffee, use mineral or fitered water for better results;
  • Always grind your beans just before making your coffee to preserve flavor and aroma;